Vinyl Sound Curation ★ The party where the focus is the musicians and their live performances and the strictly vinyl after party residence with a musical selection to make you dance all night long!

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To attend to the event and try the delicious food of Chef Ebrima Tourey join us live in Oblomov on Friday November 11 from 7 pm till late with a strictly vinyl set by DJs Dr.Sócrates & Garrincha.
Oblomov Kreuzkoelln Lenaustrasse 7, Berlin, Germany


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What’s the price for resistance and resilience? • It’s right to pick up the heritage and creativity of oppressed cultures without thinking about the repercussions? • How to address today’s Diaspora in questions like the reality of economic and social displacement of contemporary Africans in Brazil?

To understand those and many more questions, follow the brand-new podcast. Episodes coming every month in our YouTube Channel.

We start the night with delicious food brought by Chef Ebrima Touray from Gambia with exclusive dishes for the event. Check out the menu below!

Yam und Sweet Potato with Tomaten
Yam, Sweet potato, Sweet peper, Garllic, Black Pepper, Senf.

Jollof Rice
Oil, Tomato, Paprika, Black pepper, Zenf, Garlic, Carrot, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes

Domoda Peanut Butter Sauce
Peanut, Oil, Rice, Potatoes, Nuts

In this episode, we pay homage to Régis Moreno, the legendary singer of Banda Jardes and one of the leading voices of Samba-Rock, who died in São Paulo last September. read more here…

Furthermore, we introduce the Oblomov Bar, our host location in Berlin Kreuzkölln, and talk with the owner.

To finish we have very special guests from São Paulo and Senegal, André Piruka, the multitalented musician and frontman of the Band HÖRÖYA and Zal Sissokho an ancestor of the kora players. In Senegal, the Sissokho family was among the most important representatives of the griots, who have transmitted the history of the Mandinka people orally for many centuries.

We talk about our new releases on vinyl with him and the band; and also we focus on immigration, afro diaspora, cultural appropriation, resilience, and resistance.

Stay tuned and check out…

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