Tropical Diaspora® Records Bugiganga Tropical Vol.3 vinyl is available for pre-orders and. The 7 inch record is featuring the Band Forró de Cabeça with two Forró songs. The record is the third record our Treasure 7 inch Collection. Originated in our regular Tropical Diaspora Party in Berlin this project is one we were waiting for since the beginning of our journey as recording company. The Tropical Diaspora Party  was the space and laboratory for many local bands where artistic freedom and joy came together. These Bands were playing in the most relevant venues of the German capital.

We are planing the physical release for July 2020.  Pre-Orders are open in our shop and bandcamp

One party worth to mention was the Tropical Diaspora Party Vol.39 at the venue BiNuu. The experiment was to have for the first time ever two bands on the stage playing Cumbia and Forró. We call this joint venture FORRÚMBIA, an event to promote those two great rhythms from South-America. This was the kick start for the new record to be released soon by Tropical Diaspora Records honoring the original new roots music from Brazil.

With original lyrics by Hans Santos and few others written by partners like the capoeirista Professor Pernã and the poet Eduardo José the band shows that many of the lyrics are based on elements of nature, a feature that set the philosophy of the band also that unites music, agroecology and sustainability. Those are principles that can be also observed in in the songs performed by the group. Indeed and exclusively for the record released by Tropical Diaspora® Records the song Abelha Mangangá tell us about the way of the Humble-bee in the nature, trying to survive despite clima change and chemicals in the agriculture.