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We are an independent Berlin based Record Label specialized in Vinyl Records and Afro Diaspora Culture, not last but least a regular event promoting live concerts, strictly vinyl dance party’s and turntablism.

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Tropical Diaspora® Records mission:

The spread of the great heritage of the African musical Diasporas, from mainland Africa into the  Americas and World Wide..

Tropical Diaspora® Records

African diaspora population by country:

The African diaspora refers to the communities throughout the world that have resulted by descent from the movement in historic times of peoples from Africa, predominantly to the Americas and among other areas around the globe. The term has been historically applied in particular to the descendants of the West and Central Africans who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas in the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries, with their largest populations in Brazil, the United States, Haiti, and others. Some scholars identify “four circulatory phases” of migration out of Africa.


Tropical Diaspora Records reflections

With the Tropical Diaspora we try to make reflections on a diasporic phenomenon in the Music. This reflection show us that the whole Music we select in our events and all other movements connected to the tropical term come originally from Africa. All music styles we play in our events or put in our records come directly from there or was reinvented in an African diaspora in other continents like south America, Carib or north America.

Record Release

Tropical Diaspora Records first record release!

Dear Tropicalistas, TROPICAL DIASPORA RECORDS in cooperation with WAKAN TANKA RECORDS is proud to announce the release of its first LP “2” by La Dame Blanche.

Record Release: “2 La Dame Blanche”

This great record is produced by Marc “Babylotion” Damblé and Emiliano “El hijo de la cumbia” Gomez, a masterpiece of urban music that travels through hip hop, cumbia, reggae, rock… and much more.

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About the Music from a diasporic point of view

*Diaspora is the dispersion of a population from their native land (from Greek διασπορά, “scattering, dispersion”).

Tropical Diapsora Records

the great heritage

Tropical Diaspora® Records is a Record Label and an Event established in Berlin with one mission: the spread of the great heritage of the African musical Diasporas from mainland Africa into the Americas and World Wide. With this aim in mind we are committed to produce and press vinyl records to disseminate the Diaspora sound.

Tropical Diaspora Records

different kinds of diaspora

Recently, scholars have distinguished between different kinds of diaspora, based on its causes such as imperialism, trade or labor migrations, or by the kind of social coherence within the diaspora community and its ties to the ancestral lands.

Tropical Diaspora Records

strong political ties

Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland. Other qualities that may be typical of many diasporas are thoughts of return, relationships with other communities in the diaspora, and lack of full assimilation into the host country.

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the clash of all Diasporas

Currently we experience the clash of all Diaspora in Europe where all people from all over the world can meet and share his own musical influences with other people. 

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create something new

The reason and one of my goals with Tropical Diaspora is exactly to go out of the ghetto, colonies x or y and try to gather all in an attempt to create something new, for example, one of our event called FORRÚMBIA joining two roots dance Latin American rhythms in one stage: Forró and Cumbia with 2 Berliner local bands formed mostly by foreigners i.e immigrants with some Germans.

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the traveling around of rhythms

For me “diaspora” means the constant movement in search for life based musical experiences, the traveling around of rhythms which are the result of suffering and exploitation as much as of a joyful sense of life. Dr.Sócrates – Dj and Producer at Tropical Diaspora Records

Currently we experience the clash of all Diasporas

  • exodus

  • disbandment

  • dispersal

  • dispersion

  • dissolution

  • escape

  •  mass exodus

  • banishment

  • diaspora

  • displacement

  • exclusion

  • expatriation

  • expulsion

  • extradition

  • migration

  • ostracism

  • proscription

  • relegation

  • exodus

  • flight

  • hegira

  • journey

  • move

  • movement

  • passage

  • shift

  • transfer

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The Tropical Diaspora Records musical ethos

The Records Label and event platform for live music and performance in Berlin dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.

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Upcoming Album Releases

The Tropical Diaspora Records Upcoming Album Release schedule for 2016, featuring all the albums you’ll ever need. If you’d like that we contact you, please contact

we are true tropicalists, join our community and

share the love for unconventional music without labels or prejudices with the Tropical Diaspora® Records.

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The blog Vinyl of the Week

Dear Tropicalistas, we know about the spate of Blogs in the social networks all talking  a great deal about vinyl. Regardless of this fact we at Tropical Diaspora try to give our own touch to how we select and play music in our events, parties, mix tapes or live concerts.



Share with us the love for unconventional music without labels or prejudices.

WOW – “…life based musical experiences…”

As Dj Garrincha told me about setting up a musical “tropical diaspora” supporting local bands and good music I couldn’t say no. For me “diaspora” means the constant movement in search for life based musical experiences, the traveling around of rhythms which are the result of suffering and exploitation as much as of a joyful sense of life. – Dr.Sócrates

“We claim the right of being amateurs of the dance floor, that is, literally, lovers, “amadores” as we call it in Portuguese. Surrounded by an ocean of mainstreams, the “Tropical Diaspora” party is an island of, simply, music. This is a music that is born uncut from the lives of the people. It is organic not manufactured; it grows from life’s stories. We respect that. “Tropical Diaspora” means music without preservatives, but as it simply is: “Tropical Diaspora”, the place to be in Berlin.” JMD
Dj Garrincha, Tropical Diaspora Records
Tropical Diaspora is one of the best sources of new music on the web. DJ Garrincha has the pulse on the new sounds coming from the African diaspora all over the planet. Whenever I press the play button on any of his podcasts, I know I’m in for a thrill ride. Can’t wait to hear from the upcomig record label!!! Keep up the great work and greetings from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Agustin Criollo Oquero – Bass and musical director Bando
Agustin Criollo Oquero, Bando
A truly different spot in Berlin, it is always a pleasure to be in the Tropical Diaspora parties! DJ Garrincha have been doing it differently, really focusing in the Diaspora of Tropical, bringing new things and experiments. Keep the good work and the different, when the tendency is to be the same!

A strong album from Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche – a Cuban-born, Paris-based singer, MC, flautist and percussionist – in set that mixes modern hip hop, cumbia, and dancehall-inspired urban production! The modern sound is pretty great, and her voice is really wonderful – singing and rhyming in Spanish, with a sound that’s pretty wonderful – we’re not sweating the language barrier, with a vibe as compelling as this! Titles include “Romantica”, “William”, “Yo Quiero”, “Se Me Nota”, “Olga”, “Fresca”, “Traka” feat Jose Luis El Nino, “Partir De 18 feat Bionik, “Yo Quiero Trabajar”, “Dady Dady” and more. 12 tracks in all.


Dusty Groove Chicago about La Dame Blanche LP, Dusty Groove
Super tropical party, one of the best in Europe!
Andy Loop
Sambafeeling, Latin Grooves und tropische Hitze auf dem Dancefloor erwarten Besucher im YAAM Berlin, an der Schilingbrücke 3 nah am Ostbahnhof. Special Guest DJ Doutor Socrates und Gastgeber DJ GarRinchA verbinden eine Menge afro brazilektrischer Pole und Künstler, sowohl live als auch an den Plattentellern

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