Torstraßen Festival 2019 x Independent Label Market
Volksbühne, Saturday, September 7, 2019 // 12–18.00
Free entrance!

TSF will be having our third Label Market and second collaboration with the Independent Label Market, bringing together not only the artists and fans but also the labels, graphic designers and related businesses relevant to the independent music world. We hope you join us for the whole festival for our one day and night special issue in the Volksbühne in Berlin-Mitte.

Confirmed record labels, graphic designers, publishers so far include: Christopher Burrows, Flower Myth, Greatest Hits International, KCRW, Lo Recordings, Mansions & Millions, Martin Hossbach, Mechatronica, Metaphysik, Monika Enterprise, Morr Music, Späti Palace, Tenderpark, The Epicurean, Wicked Hag, Aufnahme + wiedergabe, Baby Satan, Fat Cat, Handle With Care, Monkeytown, Philophon, Rood Woof, Tenderpack, Tropical Diaspora, Bronzerat, Areal Records, Glitterbeat, Bpitch Control, Foul Up, Feral Note, Claep Vision, Matasuna Records, Float, Ki Records, Snax Records, Bocian, Piranha and more to be announced.

If you’d like to book a stall, please contact

Dj DR.Sócrates