Carabayllo a periphery of the province Lima in Peru and still remains the largest district in Lima. This is the name of this mix tape since all the records played here came from the same source, his name is Victor. The vinyl record Dealer from Carabayllo provide Peruvian music on vinyl the the whole world. So i got my change to visit him and his family having access to his Peru 7 inch treasure box. The result is here starting and ending this mix tape with Clara Nunes the mythical Brazilian singer known for her connection with the Afro and Native Brazilian religious rituals. The first track is exactly about the encounter between the native and aboriginal people in the Americas, Kidnapped and Slaved Africans and their executioner i.e. Europeans. Despite the roll of the executioner in this triangle relationship both victims manage to transform terror in hope originating one of the greatest culture in the planet where Peru with Cumbia and Chicha play a important role in it.

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