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Afro Roots Crossroads Vol.1

Based on a true story, before the encounters between spirits of the Afro-Diaspora and originaries people in the Abya Yala continents. Once Upon a Time where the musical crossroads were all in the African continent creating the roots of the tree that would be the greatest cultural experiment of human kind. Nevertheless this is the second part of a mix tape, dedicated to the movements fighting for abolition and decolonization nowadays every where in the world in times of COVID-19 pandemic. We can not forget that this fight is standing on the shoulders of giants, in this case giant musicians always using using music as a weapon and a way of revolution. This mix tape celebrate few of those giants and serve as inspiration in such revolutionary times. Enjoy. Dj GArRinchA & Dr.Sócrates

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INSTA CROSSROADS 010420 107x150 CMYK 300x Front V2