Dj GArRinchA new mix tape

Afro Diaspora Crossroads Vol.2

Based on a true story, this is the encounter between spirits of the Afro-Diaspora in a musical crossroad featuring artists from the continents involved in the greatest cultural experiment of human kind. This one great mostly samba based mix tape was recorded at the wonderful location in my home city São Paulo. This crossroad in the south hemisphere work like a mirror of our brothers in the north where the crossroads are illuminated by the power of unknown forces pushing musicians to another level of inspiration and creativity. This Mix Tape tell us a brief history about the illuminated paths of black music in Brazil, be careful those powers can jump into you while listening it. Take care! Dj GArRinchA.

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INSTA CROSSROADS 010420 107x150 CMYK 300x Front V2