Dj Dr.Sócrates


I always wanted to experiment with a sole session of Peruvian Cumbia, the so-called Chicha. As the corn beverage, of which the name ‘chicha’ is taken from, Chicha is embedded in popular traditions that transcend those national borders that cut up the Andes range and the Amazonian basin. Rocky, surreal, psychedelic… Chicha is above all the voice of the Criollo, the Amerindian and the African all in a wild amalgam of rhythms and melodies. Although Chicha has become today somehow fashionable among Djs in the world music circuit, we shouldn’t forget its humble origins in the Peruvian slums. It reflects one of the strengths of popular culture, its ability to cannibalize modern traditions and technologies. Here I have tried to emphasize the popular way of the Huayano music that has been pointed out as one of the great influences behind the Peruvian Cumbia. But there is much more. Los Destellos and Juaneco y su Combo, of course, and also Los Wembler’s de Iquitos, Los Pakines, Los Shapis… among many others. Strictly vinyl!

Mix Tape Introduction from the Documentary Film ¡¡CIUDAD CHICHA!! with comments by Victor Casahuamán – “Grupo Celeste” and Humberto “Tito” Caicho – “Los Destellos”.