Señor Eddy / Sonorama Chicago 7 inch mixtape

Sonorama Chicago for Tropical Diaspora Records.

This Days Señor Eddy one of the heads behind Sonorama´s Chicago based Label is visiting Berlin for the first time and Tropical Diaspora Records is happy to be his host, this set is the first second of the encounter of DJ Señor Eddy and Dj GArRinchA in our head quarters in Berlin. Sonorama is a Chicago-based DJ collective that is known for energizing dance floors with a unique blend of vintage Latin sounds. Founded in 2010 by Charly Garcia and brothers Edgar and Marlowe Baca, Sonorama is a group of insatiable diggers and lovers of mus­ic on vinyl. This is the selection of our encounter in Berlin! Enjoy! Gracias Eddy!