The voodoo is working and the dreaming don´t stop, in other words don´t stop till get enough. The second part of the dream based mix where dreams come true through music, in fact the music can inspire us to dreams, or as in one of the songs in this mix tape by the artist Bernhard Wright, “…the music is the key, why not be free, misery will flee, just hum a melody, try a little dance and give yourself a change to…” also like in a good dream everything bad will flee. and in such case wake up could be the misery, however: “It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream.” by Yamamoto Tsunetomo. Nevertheless my dream is to inspire and touch people through music and to quote a last time another artist in this mix “…keep on wishin’, Remember your dream is your only scheme…” by Curtis Mayfield in his forever hit Move On Up, also let´s move on! I wish YOU Sweet Dreams.