BillyTheKid the artist from Chicago I meet the first time at the Whistler in a Beat making battle where he won with the song In the record I have played! 💥 since them Billy’s beats are deeply connected with the city I love most in the states, Chicago.

High Risk High Reward collective put out the HR001 LIMITED 50 P0d1um, this is an album by one of Chicago’s finest up and coming beats-miths, BillyTheKid.

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Billy The Kid describe his style like this:

I mostly make dirty, dusty hip hop. It’s mainly in the form of what you would call traditional early/mid 90’s sounding hip hop, meaning lots of samples are used to create the sonic layout of a beat. I’ve always been in tune with the hip hop culture ever since I was young. That’s all that was played on my block in the hood. The sound of the music just sounded so right to me. As I grew older, I got curious into how the beats were made and how someone could take some weird part of an old song, and flip it into something new. I slowly taught myself how to do it by listening to a lot of hip hop and the music it sampled from.

The full interview at Marissa with Billy the Kid here

Interview with Jason James, Director of the “Yalaiti” web

Billy The Kid