Renato Gama  • Berlin

It was a long time ago that I lost the habit of look at old photographs, this moment is a classic from the 80s, 90s. Those family gatherings around the middle of the afternoon where after that delicious and affectionate lunch photo albums appeared in the smell of coffee. This rite marked many people, even today it happens in many families.

It is so important for us not to disconnect from the past, to look at where we came from. What if we could open a photo album from the future?

Berlin is a record that lives in its own time, expanded, anachronistic, wild, mystical, sliding between shamanism and swing that travel in bottomless holes, while watching the impossible right side of trees appear at sunset.

A record, a magical crack that sheds violet light on what we live, makes our days warmed by the warmth of affection and hope even radiantly, it spreads golden seeds in the gardens of the future!

Berlin floats in a crossroad while photo albums orbit around it!

By Almir Rosa

available now: TD®r, spotify, amazon, bandcamp