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Following the recommendations of the W H O and state authorities Tropical Diaspora® Records has canceled all planed events, DJs shows, recordings, and any other activities related to our productions.

In these difficult times DJ Garrincha and DJ Dr.Sócrates send their love and support to all the artists, technicians, professionals, listeners, dancers… who have been accompanying us on the Diaspora journey. Big up!

Tropical Diaspora® Records doesn’t end here. Artists in vinyl also need your support:

With too much emphasis on streaming and digital formats we ask you to think about the consequences of our digital consumerism. Data centers that enable all the streaming worldwide are the greatest polluters today.

In a time of self-confinement to become full digital beings isn’t the solution. We need to fight in order to keep our analogical bodies well and alive.

Please, forward this letter if you agree with it.

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