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Tropicalistas world wide, we had the honor to build a human web of connections in different diasporas this time covering Germany, Spain and Brazil. More specifically Berlin, São Paulo, Recife and Madrid, so we are proud to introduce you another band coming to enrich the Tropical Diaspora Records musical landscape.

Abeokuta band from the Nigeria of Latin America also know as Brazil nowadays, aside from Nigeria no other country has as many Black people as Brazil. The band Abeokuta, whose name is inspired by Fela Kuti’s home-town, they are one of the main Afrobeat independent groups in Brazil´s. During the production process of their last EP ‘Agô’ it was evident how the band put in practice their musical ideas as an independent group.

“…The positive feedback from the crowd in the band performances showed the group of musicians that it was necessary to take a step forward and materialize that energy committed to the shows in a definitive record…” explains Jedson Nobre, bassist and founder of the group.

As a great admirer of Fela Kuti, Jedson decided to get the idea out of the role and put the old will into action after a trip to Rio de Janeiro few years ago. On that occasion he met drummer Tony Allen, the guitarist Oghene Kologbo – both former partners of the Nigerian musician in his legendary band Afro 70. After he participated in a jam session with other heavyweight participants like B. Negão, André Sampaio and Abaomi Afrobeat Orchestra Jedson returned to Recife determined to set up the band.

The Abeokuta band adds the ‘afrobeat’ footprint to popular culture found in Pernambuco rhythms. To adorn the afrobeat with the guise of popular music (maracatus, caboclinhos and afoxés from the musical experiences of percussionists), the band approaches the listeners with the regional identification. It can be said that the sound of Abeokuta translates a new experience tied to familiarity.

When merging jazz, funk and percussion to design the pace which would bring African music to a contemporary level and full of swing and positive social criticism, the multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti won the world with the energetic and consistent ‘afrobeat’, with lyrics in Yoruba (African dialect) and English gave birth to a new musical concept. Fela inspired artists around the world to move and expose their ideals until today, also so Abeokuta.


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Abeokuta Afrobeat