DJ and Producer, Bruno Pedrosa is one of the main links in the circuit which spins around electronic music and its ramifications in Brazil. He stared his professional carrer in 1993, playing for two years on the extintc Coluna Café bar, in Recife. Pedrosa worked as a producer and radio broadcaster of Plugado, one of the first radio programs to open space for the new bands of the Manguebeat Moviment. In october 2002, DJ Bruno Pedrosa was included in the DJs Hall, being the first DJ from Pernambuco to be on the website casting. In 2006, Pedrosa did the artistic production of Transformer, a remix album, and toured in Brazil for 8 months, with gigs at main clubs in the Rio and São Paulo. DJ Bruno Pedrosa now works on the production of few compilation projects for vinyl, right now having already many European Tours and planing the next one.

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