Ahoy all Tropicalists world wide, the record itself is not new, my review even not the first one and sure not the last one but it was again one of my arrivals this week. Everywhere you will find information about it, these Jorge Ben record have many Wikipedia entries, fans, pages, blogs, books, etc. Now is time for me and the Tropical Diaspora to mention this masterpiece. The record “The Black is Beautiful”, “O Negro é Lindo” translated from Portuguese was recorded in the year 1971. Its original edition is found world wide, in the range of US$ 20 to 200. Black is also the son of God.’ With this refrain pulling the title track, Jorge Ben released his eighth album with Arthur Verocai arrangements, this classic is reissued by the label Polysom. Jorge Ben for me in the Tropical Diaspora the irreplaceable peace in my sets to show again and again the master of the afro-brazilian diaspora with a strong surrounding groove.


“A seminal set from Jorge Ben – one that mixes samba soul with more baroque arrangements from the legendary Arthur Verocai! The record’s got a different feel than some of Jorge’s other work – almost a wider vision of music that ties his usual funky style to some of the more ambitious modes being explored by Marcos Valle and Edu Lobo at the time – expressed here in some larger instrumental passages that shade the tunes lightly, while still letting Jorge step out strongly on vocals and the usual mix of tight percussion and raspy guitar. Titles include “Que Maravilha”, “Rita Jeep”, “Comanche”, “Porque E Proibido Pisa Na Grama”, “Cassius Marcelo Clay”, “Palomaris”, “Maria Domingas”, and “Negro E Lindo” ” Source: Dusty Groove