Ahoy Tropicalistas world wide, of course we take into account wishes and preferences of our listeners and guests. That’s why we also have high standards for our music selection. Today i come to you just with the Brazilian record that in 2007 the came in “The 100 Greatest Albums of Brazilian Music”, a ranking created by the Music Magazin Rolling Stone, Acabou Chorare came at the first position, being considered a masterpiece by the producers, specialists and journalists who were asked for their opinions.

The “Os Novos Baianos” is one of the most important group in the Brazilian music scene since the ’60s where many several great artists was involved like: Moraes Moreira, Baby Consuelo (former Baby Do Brasil), Pepeu Gomes ( one of the greatest rock guitar and choro mandolin musicians in Brazil), and Paulinho Boca de Cantor. Other support musicians for their presentations/recordings included here had already constituted a band called A Cor Do Som, which also had some international success playing electric choro. This is the Vinyl reissue of their second album, released in 1972. This work has a strong influence by João Gilberto, with whom they had been in the preceding year (clearly felt in Moraes’ “Acabou Chorare”). But it is not related to bossa nova in any way, consisting in explorations of the group’s compositions in acoustic/electric settings, with freshness and originality. The album has some important songs, like “Brasil Pandeiro,” a classic by Assis Valente rejected by Carmem Miranda that deals with the appreciation for Brazilian music by the American people and is confusingly graphed as if it was one of the band’s compositions; “Preta Pretinha”; “Acabou Chorare”; and “Besta é Tu.”


“40 years after its release, the album continues to be one of the most popular and influential of the Brazilian music in general. Later generations of Brazilian singers, especially women like Vanessa da Mata, Marisa Monte, CéU, Roberta Sá and Mariana Aydar, cite the album as one of the strongest inspirations. Its opening track, “Brasil Pandeiro”, was suggested by Gilberto and is one of two sambas (along with “Recenseamento”), which Valente composed for the arrival of Carmen Miranda to the United States. The album title and its title track were inspired by Gilberto’s Bossa nova style, and by a story told he told the group about his daughter. The song lays out the main idea of the album: to criticize the sadness and melancholy that were on display in contemporary Brazilian music, and to replace them with joyfulness and pleasure. Some of the album’s most successful songs include “Preta Pretinha”, “Besta É Tu” and “Tinindo Trincando”.

The Musicians:

Moraes Moreira: vocals (in “Brasil Pandeiro”, “Preta, Pretinha”, “Acabou Chorare” and “Besta É Tu”) and acoustic guitar
Baby Consuelo: vocals (in “Brasil Pandeiro”, “Tinindo, Trincando” and “A Menina Dança”), cabasa, triangle and maracas
Paulinho Boca de Cantor: vocals (in “Brasil Pandeiro”, “Swing de Campo Grande” and “Mistério do Planeta”) and tambourine
Pepeu Gomes: electric guitar, acoustic guitar and craviola
Jorginho: cavaquinho
Baixinho: bass drum
Dadi: bass
Bolacha: bongos” Source: Wikipedia

Acabou Chorare is always in may vinyl case at the Tropical Diaspora party’s in Berlin and in many of my mix tapes you can hear some songs from the record, like in the last one the “BUGIGANGA TROPICAL ESTRELA” with the song Preta, Preta, Pretinha. Incredible how one record that is more then 40 years old, don´t lose those vibrations, sound and virtuosity from that crazy ´70s in the country was plagued with a dictatorship. This records is like a time machine bringing the listeners to another music planet in the time and space. It is amazing to see people in our party´s dancing and asking for these music. This is again to mission of the tropical diaspora we accomplish every time again with this amazing diaspora music. I will make it easy for you with the video below where you can hear the full record in a very good quality but it doesn’t mean you should´t come to one of our events to hear it direct from our turntables!

Check it out for the next events in Berlin.

Dj GArRinchA