Os Originais do Samba

From a tropicalista to another tropicalistas i would like to introduce you some original stuff related to the Brazilian afro-diaspora and also to the root rhythm in the country THE Samba. The mixture of this original afro-diaspora guys with that rhythm create one of the greatest Samba groups in Brazil called Originais do Samba. The group was very active in the 60ies and 70ies with almost one LP a year and many partnerships with great names of the MPB ( Música Popular Brasileira) like Elis Regina, Jorge Ben,Alex Luiz, Armando Geraldo, Jair Rodrigues, Vinicius de Moraes or Baden Pawell. The group formed in the 1960s in Rio de Janeiro by drummers coming from many samba schools was a know name in the Brazilian music landscape and after  recording the Jorge Ben´s song “Cadê Teresa” almost everybody knew the group in the country.

They participated in foriginais-do-samba-1estivals and won gold discs for sales of his recordings, particularly in the 1970s, combining the unison singing, patterned clothes and good dose of humor. During the years that the group existed a lot of musicians came and went almost 24 based on two different formations.  One of the most distinguished members was Mussum member of the best known comedians group in Brazil and in the 1970s and 1980s, Mussum was one of the few black artists on TV.

Till now days the group have a formation and the last CD “Corda Arrebenta e o Samba não cai” from 2008 was recorded independently and currently still performing in Brazil. The record here i found in a digging section in Sweden, “Os Originais do Samba” from 1981 by RCA for me a very special LP first of all because this copy was made in venezuela and this is a record where the Os Originais went very deep in the roots of samba and already in the first song called “Clementina de Jesus” a song  by Zé Ketti beside Cartola, Carlos Cachaca, e many others one of the big names in the Samba culture in Brazil. The experience to play this song in Europe is grateful although people in Europe only know the word but not really what samba is,   notwithstanding get bewitched by the groove in these song where nobody can stay without to move when the song plays. This is only the first song on this great record after Clementina de Jesus we have other very good interpretations like “Gema” originally by Caetano Veloso, “Alguem me Avisou” by Dona Yvonne Lara other great Samba Diva in Brazil and “Mulher Mulher” by Jorge Ben.

originais-do-samba-2This cover of another record 1969 Os Originais do Samba just show in one of the earlier formations the Os Originais do Samba in their Samba world, the record where the hit by Jorge Ben “Cadê Tereza” was recorded by the Os Originais. Doesn’t matter where i play Originais only one thing can happen´s the people dance it! check it out in the new tropical diaspora soundcloud set! Check it out! Garra