Super Spanish Combo

Caros Tropicalistas, the tropical diaspora journey goes on and here in this new edition our Vinyl of the Week something i was waiting for since a while. Why i was waiting just a question of timing because the record i have since it´s came out. But i knew that this guys were planning a long stay in Berlin this year, so my tropical friends it is so far Super Spanish Combo are inna Berlin city and next week i am proud to announce that the Tropical Diaspora Vol.37 “Pachanga” Edition with the Band from Barcelona in the best Tropical Diaspora style with musicians from Europe and Latin America creating a super latin sound that we could describe somehow like that…

Super Spanish Combo Record

Super Spanish Combo Record

The grooveee Rhythmic based on African and Latin rhythms mixed with other great funk and hip hop melodies twine together with percussive rap. The Combo music involves letters with content and with room for the message doesn´t matter if for the everyday stories, or just for the party. Their live show is a fresh mix, 100% danceable, combining key beatbox, rap guaguancó, hipopeada guaracha, samples, interaction with the public and a lot of improvisation ! that kind of vibration achieves a happy and fun show that leave the audience with a good taste of “we want more”.

No problem you will get more! till end this summer the Combo is every Sunday in the almost know by all people in Berlin the Mauer Park, the Combo have concerts in Hamburg and in many other places near Berlin and as already mentioned here on the 19ten Jun in the YAAM Berlin with me Garrincha, Dr.Sócrates and La Regla star  Bongo in the turntables with a strictly vinyl set for our guests.

Do you know Pachanga? Because we at the Tropical Diaspora don´t expect that everything we talk about in the tropical matter is  something obvious let´s begin with the basics. Already Wikipedia know´s what Pachanga is or just let´s say they try to define it, also…

“Pachanga is a genre of music which is described as a mixture of son montuno and merengue. This type of music has a festive, lively style and is marked by jocular, mischievous lyrics. The name came about to describe the genre in Cuba in 1959.” and The Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara would say about the ideology of the revolution: “This is a socialism with pachanga ‘.

Also in this special case with the Super Spanish Combo i could define Pachanga like that “Pachanga with responsibility and conscience” is what i call the Combo affinity to texts with strong content. To point this great combo characteristic just let´s take the case of Juan Andrés Benítez from the district of Raval in Barcelona. Juan Andres Benitez Alvarez was 50 years old, was born in Seville and lived more or less since ten years in Barcelona, where he had two commercial establishments in the area known as ‘Gayxample’ of Barcelona where a video shows how four policemen kicked, punched and kneed the man as he “squealed like a pig”, as one of the neighbours who filmed the event put it. Here the song for Andrés! Justice for Juan Andrés.

Super Spanish Combo – Mataron a Juan Andrés (rehearsal // ensayo)

The  Super Spanish Combo born in Barcelona in late 2010, the union of different musicians of different styles: Hip Hop, Salsa, Funk, Reggae. The mission is clear: to create a new, original and sound identification, mainly combining Latin and African sounds building a bridge between the new and the old. The record in question here  still remain independent and achieves good match in the collector / dj / International digger scene which is reflected in sales and downloads, even getting to have distribution in Japan (

Super Spanish Combo – Ritmo Callejero (live)

The components are: Genuine Efe (Mc / beatmaker), Canek Gonzalez (Voice / guiro), Dante Parraguez (Percussion), Carles Estruch (Tuba), Chinese (Tres Cubano) Jonas (Saxo)


Super Spanish Combo Berlin 2015 - Mauer Park

Super Spanish Combo Berlin 2015 – Mauer Park Photo by Dj GArrinchA