Ahoy Tropicalistas, let´s talk about “Samba Rock” as usual first an short introduction to the audience outside Brazil that are not familiar with this original Brazilian Rhythm…

“Samba rock is a genre of samba and subgenre of rock.[1][unreliable source?] Created in the 1960s, the genre combines the sounds of Brazilian samba, bebop, jazz and soul. Jorge Ben Jor created the style with his album “Bidu/Silêncio no Brooklin”. After this a great number of artists followed Ben’s beat, including Banda Black Rio and Trio Mocotó.”

Source: Wikipedia

Banda JardesThe Record i would like to introduce you is connected to a very personally history and belong to my way to the music world that go back to one of my first jobs in Sao Paulo. In the early 90ties in a IT Department where i use to work one of my colleagues was a very special guy in that Organization he was in the night shift to make the backups of the Data in that company and everyday i could stay for one or two hours in his company before i leave between our time shifts. In that time where i was very interested for music but Dj Garrincha was maybe a far away dream. Exactly in that room i hear histories about music projects and past successes with  his Band and the new projects that he would like to realize. Sure the way to realize this new projects was the job, also make money in a complete different environment to be able to finance the new music projects.

Sure my questions was always why he leave the music in the early 80ties where his Band was very famous and could full big Halls with more then 5000 people. The answer was fast and couldn’t be more dramatically like some songs in the “Samba Rock” movement, a Woman was responsible for the change in his life, so this is life.

But back to my encounter with this Guy in that time as he told me all this stories i was very young and everything were very interesting  and funny  i wasn’t in the music business and couldn’t really imagine with whom i was talking there. So i leave Brazil end of the 90ties and we hat sporadic contact trough emails till i found him in Facebook and our connection got stronger so i began to search for his lost 7 inch record with one of the greatest “Samba Rock” hits in the 70ties composed by him with his band JARDES called “Grilos da Vida”. I found the record in the Discogs with some comments by known Djs in Europe this song should be the best Samba Rock ever, so i create a profile in the same system for the composer today going by the name “Regis Moreno” and here the Jardes record.

Many stories around this records exists and in Sao Paulo in the vinyl stores everybody know this record that is practically impossible to be found. One of the stories told by Regis himself is that somebody in that times as the band was very known in the city has made thousands of illegal copies of the record and as the band, producer and Regis began to search for the responsible and the pressure got to strong this guys trow all records that had not been sold in the river Tiete. Anyway this year i meet Regis in Sao Paulo to get his only one copy of the record, he has made it clear,  the record is only borrowed for our Tropical Diaspora Records project also we will press this song by our label soon. We will take it from this records that is in a very good condition.

The record is now in Berlin and before we press a new 7 inch with this groove, the audience here will have the opportunity to hear and dance this great samba rock by the Jardes Band.

check it out at the Tropical Diaspora events inna Berlin City.

Yours Garra.

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