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Dear TropicalistAs, in commemoration to the International Women’s Day i bring a special EP Record with an Afrobeat anthem for woman’s. In this very special day where everybody world wide should celebrate´s not only the respect, appreciation, and love towards women but the celebration for women’s economic, political, and social achievements. The record itself is a 12 inch EP with two great Afrobeat songs and one very special talking about the strong woman spirit that can´t be broken no where by no body, to all sisters world wide that are fighting for a better world everyday. A very special characteristic in this Afrobeat Band is that they have a Front-woman, yes “Domenica Fossati (flute, vocals, percussion) the group’s Venezuelan born Miami raised Front-woman.”.

The related song that bring me to write this post called “95 South” is a homage to the woman spirit and to all woman´s that fight for their independence everywhere. Underground System play Afrobeat in the best classic Afro 70 style with a very political strong lyrics something that many Afrobeat Bands world wide forget, also just best traditional Afrobeat. A highlight is Domenica´s Flute in perfect harmony with the percussion, just great!.

Also here a Tropical Diaspora small contribution to the celebration of this special day with all sister´s everywhere…

“…Sabedoria en la boca nuestro espirito no se rompe” / “Our reason cannot be lost, our spirits cannot be broken…” 

Also enjoy the song below and the band anyway!

Yours, Garra.


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Underground System

Underground System

Putting their original Brooklynized stamp on the classic afrobeat style, Underground System Afrobeat is a huge band with a huge sound. 4 horns and 7 rhythm players armed and ready to whip any space into a massive dance party. The ensemble was formed in early 2010 as the brainchild of guitarist Peter Matson, who fell in love with the music and story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti while playing in a group directed by members of the seminal Afrobeat group Antibalas. Domenica Fossati (flute, vocals, percussion), the group’s Venezuelan born Miami raised frontwoman, brings no shortage of fiery energy and an amazing lead voice as the center of the band (USA is one of the only afrobeat bands around to exclusively feature a female frontperson). Trilingual on top of a strong familiarity with Yoruba and Nigerian tongues, she composes original afrobeat lyrics drawing from a pool of three or four different languages at a time. Her classical training on flute and studies of African Dance (including travels to Ghana) adds another layer of depth and diverse influence to each performance. Aside from the strong female stage presence (the group also features a predominately female horn section and rotates many other great musicians on a regular basis), the rest of Underground System is also set apart from other afrobeat bands in the way they draw from their musicians own authentic influences. Warping their own musical and cultural backgrounds, anything from traditional afro cuban elements to more progressive dub, house, jazz, funk, and new music, through the context of afrobeat, the occasional and always developing musical (and lyrical) twists that result are something to keep a more contemporary minded audience relating to what is at the core a truly eclectic group of musicians.

Source: Sonicbids.com

 The B​.​O​.​B EP by Underground System

The B​.​O​.​B EP by Underground System