Record: La Giravida

The band La Fanfarria del Capitán was born 204 in Argentina with Victoria Cornejo, Jerónimo Cassagne and Francisco Mercado. Creators of the Latin Fanfare, genre that fuses Balkan folklore with Latin rhythms.

From 2011 we began with our international tour, reaching the route up to 7 months a year. In this time the band added to its formation musicians from different countries like Germany, Holland, Greece, Brazil, Spain, Russia, China, Japan and Kasajastán that provided versatility and color to our artistic proposal. Today the Captain’s ship is much more than a band, it’s a way of life!

Our mission: Travel around the world sharing and expanding the boundaries of our music!

With 4 albums edited, the first “Flowers of the Forest of Bologna” (2007) produced by Matías Cella (Jorge Drexler, Kevin Johansen, among others) and edited with EMI Publishing. “E Viva!” (2012), also by Cella, was released in Austria through Newton Records. “Fanfarria Latina On Tour” (2014) is a live album recorded in Austria and released by Newton Records which records the international tour of 2013.


“La Giravida” (2016), produced by Diego Blanco (Los Pericos) and Jerónimo Cassagne. It is a two year project with more than 40 guest musicians from Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and Argentina.


That counts on the stellar participation of the Orkestar Kocani, where we travel specially to record to its studies in Macedonia. It is composed of 12 tracks that cover the variety of styles ranging from the most festive balkan to traditional cumbias and deep ballads.

We give about 80 concerts a year in cities and countries around the world. Argentina, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, England, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, China and Japan.


Featured festivals world wide: 

Karneval der Kulturen (Berlin), Tollwood (Munich), Fusion (Lärz), Wutzrock (Hamburg), Solar (Peckfitz), Tropen Tango (Wiesbaden), Waldwelt (Eggerzsell), Hoffest (Mehring), Nuevo Sol (Rostock), Poggenhagen Open Air, Alm Fest (Winklmosaal), A.Tension (Lärz), Unsomst & Draussen (Karlstadt), Friedensfestival (Iserholn), Querfeldein (Hohnstein), Schaubudensommer (Dresden), Lateinamerika Festival (Hamburg), Pepsi Music (Buenos Aires), Rock BA (Buenos Aires), Fiesta Mundial (Balen) OCT Loft Jazz Festival (Shenzhen, China), A Rebusca (Manzaneda), Antrospinos (Riantxo), Noche Mágica (Balboa), JazzLiebe Festival (Murska Sobota, Elovenia), World Village (Helsinki), Mundial Festival  (Tilburg), Gideon (Groningen), Ruigoord (Amsterdam), BOtanique (Bologna), Supernova (San Salvo), Música W (Castellina Maritima, Rebel Sounds (Tokyo), Trutnov Festival (Czeck Rep), Mighty Sounds (Tabor), Festival Adelitas (Praga), Harvest (Moscow), Movement (Perm, Russia), Wild Mint (Kaluga, Russia), MIĘDZYNARODOWE ŚWIĘTO (Polonia), DokuFest (Prizren, Kosovo), Ariano Folkfestival (Italia) Festival Ciudad Emergente (Buenos Aires), Onderstroom Festival (Holanda), Vijver Festival (Belgica), Drienok Festival (Slovakia), Bimble Bandada (UK).



Lido, SO-36, Badehaus, YAAM (Berlin), Ström, Ampere (München), Hafenklang, Honigfabrik (Hamburg), DESI (Nürnberg), Das Bett (Frankfurt), Sargafabrik, B72, WUK (Vienna), Niceto, The Roxy, Groove, CCMatienzo (Buenos Aires), Vox (Wuhan), YYT (Shanghai), Yugong Yishan (Beijing), Sala Apolo (Barcelona), Melkweg (Amsterdam), ORKZ (Groningen), Marz (Tokyo) Masterskaya (Moscow), NoviGrod (Tambov)Plagenick (Odessa), ArtKvartira (Harkov), Moriska Paviljongen (Malmö), Palas Acropolis (Praga).