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The Tropical Diaspora® Records musical ethos

Our language is music. We feel obliged to empower the people we work with by means of giving them the chance to control their own narrative. We emphasize cross-cultural experiences that show the manner how communities take their past and present into their own hands. And we are glad to be an instrument for this purpose. We are popular based, politically conscious and anti-colonial. Read our Manifesto.



Established in 2015 as independent record label in Berlin by the DJ and producer DJ Garrincha (São Paulo, Brazil) the company goes back to the 1990’s Berlin, at a time of underground parties and a very exciting cultural milieu where DJ Garrincha was active. In 2008 he started the event called Tropical Diaspora, soon joined by the cultural scholar and DJ DR. Sócrates (Vigo, Spain).

The independent record label, and event, Tropical Diaspora®️ Records has as its main focus the production of vinyl records of the Afro and Native cultural diasporas.

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All that we are not and will never become
– Tropical Diaspora® Records’ position facing cultural appropriation

Let us begin by stating that the language in which we write is alien to us. But like any other means of communication language is also an arena of struggle. We use language as a weapon.

The culture of colonized people is managed in the metropolis of the Western world. It has been incorporated in the system of cultural classification of the West. Ethno, Afro, Latin, World… they are all names that give Westerners means of recognition and difference: while it is Afro, it is not from us. It seems to bear the stamp of cultural exchange, but it doesn’t; and we have a problem with that. Why is it so? – For the sake of the argument we consider the culture of the colonized as culture produced outside the West, or in the West but by non-Westerners, and opposite to the culture of the colonialist. It goes without saying that the West is mainly Europe and North America, excluding Mexico and all the regions inhabited by native people in those territories.

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The Tropical Diaspora® Party

Tropical Diaspora® Records! Our language is music!

TD® Party Vol.22 – Pax Nicholas

Tropical Diaspora® Records! Our language is music!

TD® Party Vol.49 – Afro Latin

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TD® Party Vol.39 – Forrúmbia