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Forró De Cabeça

TDR002 – Bugiganga Tropical Vol.3 – 7″ 45 rpm

Renato Gama

TDR013 – Berlin – 12″ EP 33rpm Color

Renato Gama


TDR010 – 9 Bands – 12″ LP 33rpm transp.

The Tropical Diaspora® Records musical ethos

The Records Label and event platform for live music and performance dedicated to the fusion of different styles. We at Tropical Diaspora® Records we are committed to create a narrative, musical and otherwise, about the people that crossed the Atlantic from Africa to the “Americas” and gave rise to different cultural expressions that reflect both the horror and hope of that experience.

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Tropical Diaspora® Party Vol.39 – Forrúmbia

Tropical Diaspora® Party Vol.22

Tropical Diaspora® Party Vol.49