Vinyl Sound Curation For Dance People And Beyond

Tropical Diaspora® curates sound, media art events, concerts and exhibitions but strictly vinyl.

Tropical Diaspora® Records is a 100% independent music label. Our goal is not only to make money but to produce music you never heard before. That’s why we need your support.


the great heritage

We are a Record Label and an Event established in Berlin with one mission: spread of the great heritage of the African musical Diasporas from mainland Africa. With this aim in mind we are committed to produce and press vinyl records to disseminate the Diaspora sound.

strong political ties

Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland. Other qualities that may be typical of many diasporas are thoughts of return, relationships with other communities in the diaspora, and lack of full assimilation into the host country.

different kinds of diaspora

Recently, scholars have distinguished between different kinds of diaspora, based on its causes such as imperialism, trade or labor migrations, or by the kind of social coherence within the diaspora community and its ties to the ancestral lands.