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What’s the price for resistance and resilience? • It’s right to pick up the heritage and creativity of oppressed cultures without thinking about the repercussions? • How to address today’s Diaspora in questions like the reality of economic and social displacement of contemporary Africans world wide? To understand those and many more questions, follow the brand-new podcast. Episodes coming every month in our YouTube Channel.

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Diaspórica with Danielle Almeida


Following her contribution to our Learning to Listen podcast, singer and ADKDW artist-in-residence Danielle Almeida presents her didactic concert Diaspórica live at King Georg in Cologne. In a didactic recital, the audience will be introduced to a series of songs and rhythms by 20th-century Black women singers from the Latin American musical repertoire. Almeida will be accompanied by musicians Katherine Tasayco (percussion), Jean Cammas (double bass) and Norman Peplow (piano). In addition to the musical performance, Almeida will present parts of her research dedicated to making visible and remembering Black women singers from Peru, Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil.

The special format is based on Danielle Almeida’s work and activism against racism and colonialism. Didactic concerts focus on the interaction of the artists with the audience, complementing the sensory experience of music with the transfer of knowledge about the works presented. The goal of this method is to inspire the audience to discover new musical references and non-hegemonic narratives in music history.

Song to Elegua
BRAVUM Song to Elegbara, song in honor to the orisha Exú and in homae to the Iyalorixá Flaviá Regina de Jagum
TABU, song in homage to the Cuban singer Mercedita Valdés
EXCUSE ME, song in homage to the Uruguayan singer Lágrimas Ríos
BLACK MARIA, song in homage to the Uruguayan singer Lágrimas Ríos
ELEVEN RIBBONS, song in homage to the Peruvian singer Susana Baca
VAIN ILLUSIONS, song in homage to the Peruvian singer Victoria Santa Cruz
BEAUTIFUL FLOWER (Ai, Yoyô), song in homage to the Brazilian singer Elizeth Cardoso
BLACK LITTLE ANGELS, song in homage to the Mexican singer Toña la Negra
THEY SHOUTED AT ME NEGRA (BLACK WOMAN), song in homage to the singer and Peruvian composer Victoria Santa Cruz

Voice, conception and direction: Danielle Almeida
Costume designer: Joana de Leon
Translation: Dj GArRinchA

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Featured Podcast Learning to Listen

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Learning to Listen is a podcast format that explores different forms of listening – both listening and not listening – and the knowledge that can be drawn from them. The focus is on learning and unlearning to listen and engaging with internalized mindsets. The main aim of Learning to Listen is to initiate didactic processes intended to help us understand why certain sounds, songs, and narratives are heard and others are not, and to interweave auditory events with anti/decolonial education. The individual episodes are conceived as heterogeneous audio essays; the invited guests have free rein over their concept and realization. The format will be launched in October 2021 with four essays dealing with Afrodiasporic soundscapes, song forms, and music production, as well as their histories and communities. The episodes include recorded live performances (Danielle Almeida), vinyl productions (Tropical Diaspora / DJ GArRinchA and DJ Dr. Sócrates), and collages that bring together sound and performative approaches (Chimurenga / Ntone Edjabe and Olivier Marboeuf). What unites the various guests is that they understand sound and music as a kind of epistemic tool, as an instrument for the production of knowledge and community. The aim is to combine the experience of listening with the guests’ pedagogical strategies, commentary, and thoughts on Afrodiasporic and Latin American music and soundscapes.

Learning to Listen #1 with DANIELLE ALMEIDA

Learning to Listen #2 with CHIMURENGA (NTONE EDJABE)

Learning to Listen #3 with OLIVIER MARBOEUF

Learning to Listen #4 with TD®R (DJ GARRINCHA, DJ DR. SÓCRATES)

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