by Pedrosa DJ

Arrecifes is a collection of unreleased songs on vinyl that were released in the first works of prominent artists from the 90s in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. As usual in the culture scene in this region they were poorly distributed, or the circulation was not successful. With the arrival of Arrecifes, the public can finally have access to this “hidden” material. The sound of Pernambuco reverberates beyond the barrier of the main stream.

Artists such as Isaar, Erasto Vasconcelos (in memory), Rogerman, Kaya Na Real, Mestre Ambrósio, Salvador Santo, Mundo Livre S/A, Academia da Berlinda, Café Preto, and Ori, are together on the same album for the first time. A meeting of generations of contemporary music from Pernambuco, located in the rich Northeast region of Brazil. And despite all the marketing difficulties faced by those who create art there, the region continues to generate like in the past with the Mange Beat increasingly prolific music workers and musical movements every year.

Arrecifes – SONIDO PERNAMBUCANO – is compiled by Pedrosa DJ, and released in a partnership between Tropical Diaspora® Records and Rio Doce Piedade Mix.

The cover illustration is by Jorge Du Peixe, and the final art by Danilo Fontelles. Mastering was handled by Carlos Trilha.

Edited by Pedrosa Dj and Dj GArRinchA.