Berlin Premiere 16.02.24

We are proud to announce that we will be having our Berlin premiere of Mångata The Road To The Moon at the BABYLON BERLIN on Feb 16th!

WE  are excited to be associated with such a great production which truly supports and practices inclusivity and diversity.

Thank you Maja Costa for this opportunity! We look forward to presenting Mångata in other Cinemas in Berlin and Germany. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Original Score produced by Sá Menina & Tropical Diaspora Records®

Music Composed and Conducted by Renato and Ronaldo Gama
All Songs Written and Arranged by Ronaldo and Renato Gama
featuring Izzy Gordon & Oksaf Mandela
All Songs Recorded at Estúdio Pele Preta, Vila Nhocuné, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Production Tropical Diaspora® Records


Little Alya and her father are crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a boat that takes them from Africa to Europe. Tragically, the boat sinks. Thanks to Mångata—“the road to the moon”—the rescuers spot little Alya, the sole survivor. Many years later, we find her again as an astronaut on an important lunar mission. In the middle of the mission she has an encounter that teaches her how Mångata, which already saved her life once, will now help her overcome her past trauma.