Bugiganga Tropical Vol.1

with a reissue song and an new one this release LP with 300 copies limited edition presents the Band from Barcelona with a protest song “Mataron A Juan Andres” and the old school Samba Rock band from Sao Paulo “Banda Jardes” with a nice hit “Grilos Da Vida – (Nego Vem Sambá)”.
This will be the first record our collection of 4 records called “Bugiganga Tropical”, a collection with special covers made by our great Designer Matthias Beck. This collection will bring new songs of bands that perform concerts in our events, reedit old songs of almost forgotten bands or musicians or unknown artists from all over the diaspora world.
Tropical Diaspora Records Team.
BTV1 covers
Vinyl 7inch Etikett SIDE B v3
Vinyl 7inch Etikett SIDE A v3

You can listen the record here…