In Chicago for the last time this year! and it´s a honor to be at Fox bar as King Hippo´s guest again.

King Hippo is responsible as facilitator for few other friends i got in Chicago and this is the living proof that “one world might be possible” and all this through music, just to mention the words another friend i got this yer in Bologna / Italy also Marco “El V” Vecchi the lead in the Band El V And The Gardenhouse starring in our newest vinyl production TDR008 “El Doctor & Tamarita”, a record born from 3 important ingredients that guide our work as label and my life as an immigrant. The diaspora ingredients how i call it, Mestiçagem, Internacionalismo, Cooperação also Miscegenation, Internationalism, Cooperation.

Nowadays in a time of a politic of walls and divisions taking over the words Miscegenation, Internationalism, Cooperation are more then only words, they are principles to be used in life to fight back.

This night i want to celebrate Miscegenation, Internationalism, Cooperation on the turntables with King Hippo and all the friends i got in this city in the last 12 months! 

Thank You All and Let´s fight back with music.

Dj GArRinchA