Tropical Diaspora® Records presents

★ Forró de Rabeca Pé De Serra & Cumbia at TROPICAL DIASPORA VOL 39 – FORRÚMBIA” Edition★

★ For the first time World Wide

the clash of two great Latin-american rhythms on the stage!

For the first time in Europe the clash of two great Latin-American rhythms on the stage known as Cumbia and Forró. This night will stay in your memory for a long time the night we call FORRÚMBIA the party in Berlin that bring Cumbia and Forró in one party together. The idea got reality and more then 400 people were dancing non stop together all night long with the live bands and in the after party with our special guest from colombia DJ Bongo and the resident from Brazil Dj GArRinchA. All this in the BiNuu venue in the heart of Kreuzberg! No doubt we will invest more time e energy on this matter to organize another one, but in the mean while you can check the unreleased live recording our great concert, with La Mula Santa and Forró Maragandá. From the idea to put the two phenomenal south-american rhythms on the stage till the live show was a long way and the results were just great. With the best atmosphere we could wish in the night! The whole audience dancing together. Thank You all and see you in the Tropical Diaspora® Party looking for the next Forrúmbia inna Berlin City or world wide.

Forrúmbia Poster

Forrúmbia Poster