Dear Tropicalistas! We at Tropical Diaspora Records are always on the road discovering new people doing music. If you are also on the road, we prepared. What you are searching for may be around the corner! In our case it happened again. We just bumped into Los Made in Barcelona playing in the streets. It is out this year and we are more than happy! Viva la calle! Viva as Ruas!

This musical band as its name says it could not have been born in an other place than in the streets of Barcelona. From the love and creativity to music, share by a group of musicians of different nationalities from Catalonia, Uruguay, France, Spain, Mexico and Peru, The Made in Barcelona musically agreed and decided to unite and share their music and their histrionic skills to create a explosive and original musical show.

With a taste of Cuban son, Cumbia and Reggae, The made in Barcelona shake their shakers creating a fun and refreshing atmosphere, of which the public is involved with their songs and dancing rhythms.

They have been playing in many festivals and events all over Europa and India, in February last year at the SULA FEST. Recently they have also been in TOMORROWLAND 2017 (Belgium) and the Festival Internazionale de Narrazione Arzo 2017 (Switzerland), UrriganFest 2018 (Islas San Blas, Panamá) and Festibaloche 2018 (France).

The Made In Barcelona are:

Pierre Minetti (voz lead y guitarra)
Canek González (voz lead y güiro)
Luis Daniel Ducharne (trompeta)
Jonás Oliver (saxo tenor y coros)
Miguel Angel Gracia (trombón)
Carles Estruch (sousaphone y coros)
Mario Cubillas (congas, bongós, campana y pandereta)
Jankely Félix del Aguila (bateria y voces)

Eduardo Tancredi (piano)
Reynor Hernández, El Chamaco de la Poma (rapper en We are Street)

THIOstudi: Marc Thió y Professor Angel Dust

Mezcla final y masterización:
FB2D Studio, BCN: Pablo Moreno Guerrero

en especial a nuestro maestro Reynaldo Elosegui El Yako, Jorge Armando Sánchez de Laniusfilms, Eduardo Tancredi, El Chamaco de la Poma, Professor Angel Dust, Pablo Moreno, Denis Vejas, Matias Chiofalo y sobretodo a todos/as aquellos/as que luchan por darle vida a la calle.

Claudia Moreno Morales

Los Made In Barcelona – Mejor Solito

Made in Barcelona en el Port Vell -“Barrio”