O Dia Depois Do Fim Do Mundo

Music Composed by Renato & Ronaldo Gama

with Izzy Gordon & Guests

recorded and mixed at
Pele Preta Estúdio, Vila Nhocuné

Izzy Gordon
O Dia Depois Do Fim Do Mundo

Produced by Renato & Ronaldo Gama

Recognizing the moment that humanity is going through and not being oblivious to it all, Izzy is about to release The Day After the End of the World, an album of new songs and partnerships bathed in affection.

With Elisa Lucinda, Sergio Vaz, Neide Almeida among others, this musical manifesto will bring chapters (songs) tracing stories of liberation, emancipation and choice that transforms simplicity into paths of safety.

Featuring samba-jazz, blues, ragtime, bossa, samba and the like, this album is in tune with black music, such as the song A Ilha, a poem by Elisa Lucinda set to music by Renato Gama and which brings the more than luxurious help of her brother Tony Gordon on vocals, or the song Mãe Preta, by Ronaldo Gama, an alert that we need to listen to the drums and black women.

A bold album that points the way to post-pandemic times and a concert where hope springs in the eyes, embracing those who need to be embraced and generating empowerment for those who need to be strengthened.

With musical production by Renato and Ronaldo Gama, the album features Leo Carvalho on drums, Ronaldo Gama on bass, Leandro Neri on keyboards, Marcio Guedes on guitars.

Limited 12″ 33 rpm color vinyl pressing in gatefold sleeve.

Music Composed and Conducted by Renato and Ronaldo Gama
All Songs Arranged by Ronaldo and Renato Gama
All Songs Recorded at Estúdio Pele Preta, Vila Nhocuné, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Production Tropical Diaspora® Records

Available on Vinyl and Tape Cassette by Tropical Diaspora® Records