Dear Tropicalistas, 2014 is a historic year for Berlin. It marks the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in recent German history: the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. The tropical diaspora history have a strong connection with this event, coming to Berlin in the 1990s was like entering a laboratory with transformation taking place at any corner and affecting any aspect of life. This transition generated a vacuum that made people feel almost like creators shaping part of tomorrow’s world by trying out new things while the old was retreating and the new was still to come. In short, Berlin became the center of the young subculture in Europe. In this spirit a new movement was born, which I call the “Latin American Way” of the Berlin subculture. I the same way we could describe the time where the singer of my choose for the vinyl of the week come from and the movement i.e. laboratory created in the 60ties in Brazil called Tropicália. The best words to describe this records is the history of their own genesis i translate for you from Gal Costa´s official site.

GalCosta_India_1“Musically, a year of introspection and more smoothly. The legendary Pink Floyd made everyone traveling with The Dark Side of the Moon, Bob Marley came with Burnin ‘, debuted the Godspell and Roberta Flack Music could be heard thousands of times a day with Killing Me Softly. The Medici government (Dictatorship) came at the height of repression. Hundreds of dissidents arrested or killed under torture as Stuart Angel, son of fashion designer Zuzu Angel. Disappeared too, but for heavenly call, Pablo Picasso and Pixinguinha. Raul Seixas cast Krig-Ha, Bandolo, their debut LP.


Arnaldo Jabor and displayed on the screens All Nudity Shall Be Punished with masterful performance of Darlene Gloria. In Bahia Carnival, Gal Costa shook the Castro Alves Square with the frevo Cheap Modesto, composed by Caetano Veloso and released in simple compact. In the sky, there was Kohoutec comet. End of time, ensured mystics and crazy. The Novos Baianos, to the surprise of those who thought them as eternal band of alternative people, turn the album Finished Chorare in resounding success, with nearly a million copies sold, from hits like Black Blackie, The Girl Dance and Mystery of the Planet. Happen yet another inexplicable phenomenon: Secos e Molhados group, a sudden national popularity scandal, led crowds into a frenzy with wooings the singer Ney Matogrosso.

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Came up in the era of gloss and glitter. The India album, released by Gal Costa at the end of the second half brought this folk-glitter atmosphere in colorful costumes lames used the eponymous show premiered at the Theatre of Nations, Sao Paulo, and would travel after touring for about 40 Brazilian cities from Manaus to Porto Alegre. As highlight of the musical direction of Gilberto Gil, the accordion of Dominguinhos accordionist, till this days an illustrious unknown. The album cover, among the most beautiful and intense Gal discography, carried a front close “Tanga” and on the back, showed her topless, with indigenous props. Censorship in the name of “morals and good customs“, vetoed any public display of the album. The decision forced the Phonogram label to market it blindfolded by an opaque envelope, blue plastic.

Source: Gal Costa Website by Eduardo Logullo