Tropical Diaspora Records is proud to introduce our latest connection in Colombia and nothing else the one in the mecca of salsa, Medellín! This kind of discoveries remember me Doutor Socrates thoughts about our approach to music at all…

For me “diaspora” means the constant movement in search for life based musical experiences, the traveling around of rhythms which are the result of suffering and exploitation as much as of a joyful sense of life.

Despite the fact that Medellín and its people are one of the most friendly, gentile and open minded I ever saw, I was so grateful to be in Colombia for the first time and was a pleasure to connect with so many great personalities in different places. This is the very point of my experiences in Medellin and so I would like to introduce you here the connection in question. The Afronautas Afronautas Latina Stereo in Medellin based radio broadcast hosted by the emblematic radio station Latina Stereo Latina Stereo, el sonido de las palmeras. Our energies just culminate in a musical selection with focus on Brazil that is now available in their podcast, check it out this is real “life based musical experience”…

Below you will found the Podcast featuring a Tropical Diaspora Records music selection with Brazilian songs suggested by Dj GArRinchA  and many histories, enjoy it.


“Afronautas” it´s a new idea orbiting around radio station Latina Stereo, the best Classic and Hard-Core salsa radio station in Colombia.

The main concept is to explore the “on the border” Afro-Caribbean music experimentation and experiences, from past, present and looking to the future. That means to get close to nearly outsiders hybrid sounds.
Our main concern, how the Afro-Caribbean music tried and try to explore, innovate and invigorate on the crossroads of Funky, Soul, Afro-beat, Latin Jazz and Salsa music? We are here to show you how, where and when it happens in some of its best manifestations.

“Afronautas” is a journey into the realm of explosive, gritty and innovative playful Afro-Latin sounds… now, just turn up the volume and enjoy.



Dj GArRinchA, Dj Dmoe and Severina

Dj GArRinchA, Dj Dmoe and Severina