Let´s celebrate the multicolored patterns of the tropical diaspora sound with short visits to our Afrobeat friends in Nigeria going back to some obscure psychedelic sound of the tropicalia movement in Brazil in the 70ies without to forget the Afro-diaspora in the Brazilian  classics with Marcia Maria then Bossa Nova, Samba, Pagode, Forró andFunk. One rare Elza Soares song singing in Italian from same time She was in Italy with Garrincha, not last but at least some lost tropical dance songs from the Disco era in Brazil with Sidney Magal. Fresh from gigs in the Balkans where this sound was received with open arms by the crowd I could confirm again the strong desire for this kind music. Inspired by these feedback i create this mix tape! also lets tropicalize your live for few moments with this Tropical Diaspora sound track. Yours Dj GArRinchA.