Do you Know Radio Zyca? if not then this is the time, like the Tropical Diaspora the Moozyca friends have a special taste for unconventional good music without prejudice and like us in Berlin promoting diversity in the this main stream ocean, for the first time i am proud to have a mix tape selected for the Radio Zyca Broadcast, also “Moozyca is a multimedia portal that converge text, photo, audio and video in a single platform. The tool is designed to be functional and interactive, making navigation easier and enjoyable. The Content is marked by diversity, with influence from the streets of gonzo journalism and literature. Regardless of the style of each contributor, the commitment is always the reflection, with the unveiling of new worlds and the dissection of prejudice.

Moozyca is a site for anyone serious about music. Founded by two journalists, a programmer at the beginning of 2015 the portal was created to address the musical theme in a different way – with well-established themes, dialogical interviews, expert opinions and sour discussions.

Tired of seeing the music treated banal way in the press, the zyca team decided to create a platform to spread access to musical quality content. In addition, the intention was to make room for independent artists and musicians, developing new languages and musical discourse. Just like that or just like it should be, after my mix tape was online in the where in a short time my soundcloud account got 100 of clicks putting the Mix Tape on the 5000 clicks mark i got a question from the Moozyca office if i would write an article about me and the tropical diaspora for the portal, also logical consequence is here in Portuguese…

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The Manifesto Zyca

“Without music, life would be a mistake!”

Life is often the opposite of what is expected. But even so, life is even better to die, “buttoning his jacket”, “kick the bucket”, “disembodied”, Unliving or whatever isn’t ? There are many things that make life pleasurable even in stormy times. And music is one of those magical artifacts that completely change our perception. According to Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake“; and we agree with him.

The great mission of Moozyca is to bring the music of the people. And bring with music, thinking, joy, reflection and change.