My African Tapes

Oscar Sulley is for sure one of the great musicians of West Africa. A gifted flute player from Ghana Sulley studied music in Nairobi, Bremen and Boston. He is the man behind the acclaimed Uhuru Dance Band and best known in Europe after his song ‘Bukom Mashie’ was featured on the soundtrack of “Last King of Scotland” featuring Idi Amin’s rule in Uganda during the 1970s.


‘Jemelatu’ is Sulley’s solo album released in 1980 by Delta when Sulley was living in the USA, where he performed and also lectured in several universities. ‘Jemelatu’ is a magnificent blend of West Africa’s high life music and its characteristic Yoruban sound with jazz and even latin elements played on a powerful funky beat.


This is a great ‘Diaspora’ album that crosses Atlantic sounds. In Sulley’s own words his music is “an expression of brotherly love and happiness for all people”. With the funky groove ‘Jemelatu (Jemimah)’ –featured below– Sulley expresses his love to his baby daughter Jemimah.

Thank You
Dj Dr.Sócrates