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Tropical Diaspora® Records is a Record Label and an Event established in Planet Earth with one mission: the spread of the great heritage of the African musical Diasporas from mainland Africa into the Americas and World Wide.

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We claim the right of being amateurs of the dance floor, that is, literally, lovers, “amadores” as we call it in Portuguese.


All that we are not and will never become – Tropical Diaspora® Records’ position facing cultural appropriation


At Tropical Diaspora® Records we are committed to create a narrative, musical and otherwise, about the people that crossed the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas and gave rise to different cultural expressions that reflect both the horror and hope of that experience.


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What is the Refund & Cancellation Policy?
Tropical Diaspora® Records cannot accept returns on any order products and we cannot offer refunds, except in the case of defective or damaged merchandise. Once your order has been shipped, we cannot accept any cancellations. If you notice any problems with your order in your confirmation e-mail, please contact us immediately and we will make every effort to correct it.

What should I do if the item I ordered is damaged or defective?
Please email us with a description and, if possible, a photo of the item. We’ll provide further instructions at that time. For it use please the form below:

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Understanding Bundle Products

Bundling means selling multiple products as one, namely as a bundle. Bundles are typically non-divided, static product packages, and are often classified into manufacturer bundle (where products are assembled by a manufacturer) and merchant bundle (where products are assembled by a merchant). A bundle is always purchased as a whole, hence the customer cannot add individual items of the bundle into his shopping cart.



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Terms and Conditions

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Retail, Distribution and Outlets2018-05-12T18:27:20+02:00

Retail and Distribution: Tropical Diaspora® Records are available at all quality record stores in Berlin and we are always expanding our list of international distribution partners.

Outlets: If you would like to carry Tropical Diaspora® Records products in your store, please contact us at link below.

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Tropical Diaspora® Official Blog

FORRÚMBIA by Tropical Diaspora®2018-05-12T18:19:11+02:00

For the first time in Europe the clash of two great Latin-American rhythms on the stage known as Cumbia and Forró. This night will stay in your memory for a long time the night we call FORRÚMBIA the party in Berlin that bring Cumbia and Forró in one party together.

The Party2018-05-12T18:13:18+02:00

“The platform for live music and performance dedicated to the fusion of the Afro Diaspora culture in the New World, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.” Dj GArRinchA

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Unfortunately we are not able to give you an exact date for the delivery. Due to order volume, shipping method and shipping address delivery times might vary. Please make sure to get in touch with us, should you have not received a confirmation of shipment of your order after 15 days of receiving the initial order confirmation.

For insurance and tracking please add one of this products to your cart.

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Terms and Conditions.

//// Current DHL notice due COVID-19 situation: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/kampagnenseiten/coronavirus.html

//// Brexit: for orders from the UK please ask for the shipping due new conditions after Brexit.

We send the Records From Germany.

1. Buyer pay the shipping fee
2. Please ask for further options like insured or registered.
3. Buyer has full responsibility for unregistered shipment and we are not responsible for any problems with unregistered shipments.
5. Please ask for packages Including liability / transport insurance and tracking.
6. Add fees if Tracking and Insurance needed.
7. As Per paypal terms the buyer is responsible for returning the order at his expense.

Normally we use DHL to send the Records including insurance and tracking to avoid any delays or problems in the delivery, however if you desire we can sent the records with regular shipping without insurance, tracking extending the shipping time. In this case please order the record and tell us to change the shipping prices before payment.

The regular shipping prices from Germany you can find here: https://www.deutschepost.de/de/b/briefe-ins-ausland.html

*** Tracking / Liability / Insurance ***
★To avoid problems with the shipments we only send packages with tracking, liability and insurance.
★★ NO tracking, liability and insurance
shipment prices
★★packet to 2kg (max. 60 x 30 x 15cm) 5,49 EUR
★packet to 5kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 6,99 EUR
★packet to 10kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 9,49 EUR
★packet to 31,5kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 16,49 EUR
★★packet to 2 kg (max. 60 x 30 x 15cm) 13,99 EUR
★packet to 5 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 15,99 EUR
★packet to 10 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 20,99 EUR
★packet to 20 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 31,99 EUR

World Wide
★To avoid problems with the shipments we send packages with tracking, liability and insurance.
★★ NO tracking, liability and insurance
★★small package XS 2 kg (max.35+25+3) 10,99 EUR
★★small package M 2 kg (max. L+B+H=90 cm) 17,99 EUR
★packet to 5 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 45,99 EUR
★packet to 10 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 61,99 EUR
★packet to 20 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 100,99 EUR
★packet to 31,5 kg (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 131,99 EUR

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We accept the following forms of payment:

Bank transfer:

We are a company based in Germany. If you are a customer not based here, please include our international bank details (IBAN/BIC) when paying in advance. Our bank details can be seen during the check-out process and are also listed on your order confirmation.

You can transfer payment from your PayPal account, or pay via PayPal using your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). If you’re not a frequent PayPal user, you may be able to make credit card payments as a guest (without creating an account).

There is a fee of 1.7% for PayPal payments. If you have any issues paying through PayPal, please contact their customer service directly.

Credit Card:
You can pay using your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) and you may be able to make credit card payments as a guest (without creating an account).

There is also too a fee of 1.7% for credit card payments.


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