Dear Tropical Diaspora followers, this week i want to come to you with a very nice record from the Hip Hop scene in north east Brazil. These record features eight tracks, all written by RAPadura, the cover in street art style. Really this is a great piece of work, worthy of the talent and commitment of “improvisator” RAPentista: XIQUEChico. The tracks basically using samples of forró, maracatu and baião. Thus, creating a unique and traditional Hip Hop, representing the essence of Brazilian music. It may be noted that the record has the following lemma in the general context, value the National Rap, recover what is ours.”


Coming from Lagoa Seca, Ceará, Igor Francisco de Almeida dos Santos, currently, better known as Rapadura, was awarded in 2007 as best new artist in 2009 and as best artist of the XXI century.  The RAPentista RAPadura develops a work toward the universe of spoken songs. A consistent mix of Rap with the tradition of Brazilian popular culture, which has its roots in theEmbolada” and “Repente”. The MC also mix your verses with jazz, funk, soul, waltz, marching carnival, bossa nova, samba and other urban rock rhythms. This diversity and talent that is remarkable is to find in the Fita Embolada do Engenho“. First Brazilian Hip-Hop LP with world wide distribution. Special sampled by the king of forro/xaxado Luis Gonzaga classic domestic Brazilian groove!

Album name: Fita Embolada do Engenho – Rapadura na Boca do Povo
Label: Florida Records Brazil

…and her my song for the next tropical diaspora on 29.08.14

Thank You
Dj GArRinchA