Thank You Chicago

Last call for Tropical Diaspora rare Afro diaspora Brazilian and Latin American grooves, all this strictly vinyl. Those will be the last two opportunities to dance with the diaspora sound track in Chicago and my opportunity to say Thank You to all friends in the Xicago.

In my diaspora road from Brazil  that began decades ago the connections with peoples are a treasure and the confirmation that music culture is the real melting pot unifying human beings despite geographical location or cultural orientation, so i would like to say Thank You to all Chicagoan´s supporting the Tropical Diaspora and supporting me Dj Garrincha to disseminate the Tropical Diaspora idea in the music. Thank You Regina Martinez aka Selective listening from St.Louis responsible for the first connection in Chicago with the Sonorama Dj Collective Charly Garcia, Eddy Baca & Marlowe Baca that not only support me in the city but invite twice to their Radio Show at Lumpen Radio, those guys have been made further connections possible and invited me to many events in the city to play records along them or to listen great music.

Specially Alejandro Ayala aka King Hippopotamus the man that open many doors for Dj Garrincha i.e. at The Whistler Bar in his Fresh Roasted beat maker battle, the night at Fox Bar, Sportsman Bar, Stereo Bar and his Q.C. Show at Lumpen Radio, not last but at least the night at Danny´s along Scottie McNiece the head of Uncaned Music, just unforgettable. Big thanks my homies Brandon and Javier giving me the necessary guidance to understand the city and making it familiar to me.

All Record Stores that have our Record Releases in Vinyl specially Drew at 606 Records not only supporting Tropical Diaspora Records having the records in the Store but organizing a in-store session with the Tropical Diaspora sound track, in the same vibration thanks to John at the Logan Hardware Record Store for the openness and great support buying the most records and organizing a night at the Logan Arcade, not least Kstarke´s Records team Kevin Starke and Jordan the one that has brought Dj Garrincha to Punch House. Thank You to Ed and the entire Lumpen Radio team for the warm welcome and openness, actually the responsible for the fact our records are in one of the most traditional record store in Chicago, also Dusty Groove. Thank You all guests and friends present, dancing and or listening my musical selections on vinyl.

Thank You Xicago, CU in Berlin.


 Dj GArRinchA´s Tropical Diaspora mix tapes Chicago inspired