Vinyl Sound Curation ★ The party where the focus is the musicians and their live performances and the strictly vinyl after party residence with a musical selection to make you dance all night long!

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Sá Menina Produtora & Tropical Diaspora® Party Vol.52 presents

★ Renato Gama for the first time in Europe Featuring the show OLHOS NEGROS TRIO

Featuring: Renato Gama (Voice and Gittar) , Ronaldo Gama (Bass)  and Leo Carvalho (Percursion)

★ List with Guest Artists for this special night coming soon…

Renato Gama is an extraordinary and gifted musician. Based in Vila Nhocuné, a popular neighbourhood in the east of São Paulo’s periphery, “zona leste”, Renato Gama beautifully personifies the pulse against prejudice and social injustice that comes from the margins of Brazilian society and what social elites have chosen to ignore. A voice to be heard, for sure!

★Short Line-UP

★ WHAT: live & Strictly Vinyl Tropical Party
★ WHEN: 22:00 OPEN DOORS 23:00 LIVE and Open End.
★ HOW:Box Office: 6,-  Online and Original Flyer: 5,-
★ WHERE: MAZE @ Mehringdamm 61
★ LIVE Concert: Renato Gama with the show Olhos Negros Trio
★ Special Guests: Aline Valentim, Franck Bidin & Paulo Cedraz
★ Strictly Vinyl: Djs Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates

★Full Line-UP


♫ Renato Gama with the show Olhos Negros Trio Featuring Léo Carvalho (Drums) & Ronaldo Gama (Bass)

Special Guests

Aline Valentim
( Featuring the Dance Performance • vozes de nós )

Paulo cedraz
( Saxophone • Bantunagojêje Band )

Strictly Vinyl Floor

♫ Djs Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates


@ MAZE – Mehringdamm 61
★ 22:00 hs OPEN DOORS
★ 23:00 hs Concert Live
★ After Show Party OPEN END


★ Online, with Original Flyer and Tropical Dress: 5,- €
★ Box Office: 7,- €

★Live on The Stage

Renato Gama with the show Olhos Negros Trio exclusive live performance

Featuring Léo Carvalho (Drums) & Ronaldo Gama (Bass)

Renato Gama’s diverse musical projects, worth to mention is the Nhocuné Soul band, are a form of cultural and artistic crossbreeding with the goal of social emancipation. Renato Gama knows in person what people have to deal with in the periphery: a hostile environment full of difficulties, and despite all disadvantages there is a creative soul which flourishes, which raps and jazzes, which makes poetry and tells stories out of the poverty and inequality left by a carless State.

Last January Renato Gama gave an interview while sitting in the middle of a dirty narrow alley on the fringes of São Paulo. As he was talking about his project ‘Olhos negros no espelho’ and the live performance ‘Olhos negros vivo’ a police siren abruptly stormed the background and he, lowering his voice, said calmly: you see, this is the siren that shapes our world and makes up the things that we see etched in the retina of those ‘olhos negros’, the black eyes.

The live performance ‘Olhos negros vivo’ deals with the world of the black people, with their feelings and love, their parenting… with their committing suicide and being murdered. ‘Olhos negros vivo’ is a voice in the periphery, the experience of living the periphery, reinventing it and creating stories that speak the language of the people. Renato Gama’s music is a means against the standardization of cultural expressions and social relations in the periphery.

★ Special Guests

★Aline Valentim featuring the dance performance Vozes de Nós

Aline Valentim is a reference in Afro-Brazilian dance and popular dances (Maracatu, Coco, Ciranda, Afoxé, Jongo …) with 20 years of experience in the Rio Maracatu group and 12 years with her Afro Dance Company, Babalakina. Master in Social Sciences from UERJ, and Post-Graduate in Therapy through Movement by Angel Vianna Dance School. She acts as choreographer, dancer, teacher and researcher in the area of popular Brazilian dances and dances from Africa. Her work is based on black cultural practices as artistic language and as a path to articulate knowledge and powers through the body. As a teacher Aline maintains a permanent core of Afro Dance at Fundição Progresso (Lapa, Rio de Janeiro) where she attends regular courses, rehearsals and exchanges with masters and dancers from Brazil and the world.  Translated from Portuguese at

Franck Bidin

Singer and songwriter from Guinea-Bissau.

Multi-album independent recording artist, Franck Bidin has established himself as one of the true “positive leaders, traditional and modern songs musicians” of the Guinea-Bissau Speaking circuit in Berlin today. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after performers in Berlin today.  

★Paulo Cedraz participation with Saxophone

Composer & Musician. Composition, Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Percussion.

Paulo is a fellow countryman in a fellow diaspora in the city of Berlin. We are happy to have Paulo with his virtuous Saxophone performace. After years in the same city building our ways through our diaspora experience in Germany, we finally meet and the result is a great encounter, that shows the manner how people take their past and present into their own hands. We are glad to be an instrument for this purpose.  

Office Box € 6,- Online and Original Flyer: € 5,-

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Renato Gama LP Olhos Negros Vivo


After Party all Night Long strictly vinyl with Djs

★ Tropical Diaspora Records with Garrincha & Sócrates ★
Dj GARrinchA along with Dr.Sócrates, describes their party musical ethos as “The platform for live music and performance dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.” They are right: The melting pot of samba, cumbia, dancehall, afro beat, funk, Brazilian and latin sounds, Soul and everything connected to the afro diaspora matter in the music results in a bump ‘n’ grind groove that the people in the dance floor can’t get enough of. Fresh from gigs in Brazil, USA and Europe, they are kicking off a series of parties in Berlin, featuring many Bands and DJ´s from Europe and worldwide.

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