Dear Tropicalistas, TROPICAL DIASPORA RECORDS in cooperation with WAKATANKA RECORDS is proud to announce the release of its first LP “2” by La Dame Blanche. This great record is produced by Marc “Babylotion” Damblé and Emiliano “El hijo de la cumbia” Gomez, a masterpiece of urban music that travels through hip hop, cumbia, reggae, rock… and much more.

The record has been previously released as mp3 with 17 songs. The LP version includes 12 tracks and has been pressed in Germany by Tropical Diaspora® Records. This is a dance floor killer suited for vinyl DJs that will delight collectors too.

Everything began in 2015 when Tropical Diaspora invited La Dame Blanche together with Marc “Babylotion” Damblé to do a concert for the first time in Berlin at BiNuu. After an awesome performance we proposed Yaite Ramos, La Dame Blanche, to press her next album as vinyl record. Without giving much thought her answer was YES! So, one year later here we are very proud to be part of this great project called – “2 – La Dame Blanche”.

La Dame Blanche “2” is a collection of 12 tracks of urban music with a strong social content and intense spirituality, the sort of stories that need to be told, says Yaite Ramos.

Yo soy La Dame Blanche, todo se puede!

Yaite Ramos Rodrígez

Yaite Ramos, a Cuban musician living in Paris, is the daughter of Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos (Musical Director of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra). Previously a flutist and part of the chorus with Sargento Garcia, she’s also the lead singer of El Hijo de la Cumbia. Under the artistic direction of Marc Babylotion Damblé (Sargento Garcia, Amadou & Mariam, Orishas), French sound engineer/beat maker, and Emiliano Gomez, a.k.a El Hijo de la Cumbia, an Argentinian producer renowned for his fusion of Cumbia and urban sounds, La Dame Blanche’s music is rich in social meaning and claim its roots in the traditions of urban music. Rap, Reggae, and certainly Nu Cumbia are all fertile playgrounds for La Dame Blanche.