Tropicalistas world wide and Afro Diaspora people we are coming this time with a musical highlight, an Afro-Colombian Diaspora in Europe. People caring about what is most important for all Africans in Africa and all Afro Diasporas outside the mother continent, and this is their memory the memory of the Afro Ancestry. The same people that were kidnapped by criminals most coming from Europe, the so called colonizers searching for workforce to develop and administrate their invasions in the new continents nowadays called as Americas and as we at Tropical Diaspora Records already wrote in our commitment:

We oft refer to the “Americas” in order to emphasize the unity of the continent from the north to the south, or we speak about the African Diaspora. However, are these terms accurate? Since the word “America” is a derivation from the name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci as generalized by the German-Flemish cartographer Mercator, it is clearly inadequate to designate the rich complexity of the original communities living in the continent. The term “America” signals the coming into history of these people from a European perspective. But this history is not their history.

Nevertheless we at Tropical Diaspora Records want to tell this history from another perspective and this is the perspective of the people gave birth to new ways of live and cultures. We want to tell their history through music, the music made by a new generation connected with their roots. The same roots that never got forgotten since criminals from Europe kidnapped the first Africans around 500 year ago. Thinking about this ancestry we would like to introduce you our Afro-Colombian Combo based in Madrid. The same city where we meet to perform the Tropical Diaspora Party Madrid Edition.

With Colombian and African roots, La Rueda is a group which combines Caribbean and African native instruments and rhythms, such as Cumbia, Djole, Mapalé, Reggae mixing it with beats and electronic effects, creating futuristic sounds that bring Native and African ancestral legacies to modern psychedelic and electronic waves. This music like many others from the repertoire using Gaitas and Tambores (pipes and drums) from the Colombian Caribbean cost, belongs to a tradition that has been maintained for century’s, thanks to memory of the Afro Diaspora in those regions transmitting their legacy and knowledge from generation to generation.

The Gaitas and Tambores music in Colombia come from very deep African and native roots with some Spanish influence. It is the clear expression of miscegenation and the meeting of different cultures. The Gaitas which are female and male, are native musical instruments that have survived until this days and preserve a unique sound, they are 100% natural in origin and their sonority and melodies are inspired by nature and country life. The song of the birds is one of the main sources of inspiration for this music. La Rueda with their first single “El Rurrú” a song that make a tribute to Colombia’s natural and cultural diversity want to show the world the strength of this message, the importance of taking care of our natural and cultural environments, of keeping alive legacies that today contribute to the knowledge of nature, the identity of peoples and cultural diversity.

The Rurrú de La Rueda is the version of a traditional melody of the Gaitas of Colombia, accompanied with a mixture of rhythms between Colombia and Africa. The result is Tropical storm with power, rhythm, colour and flavours!

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La Rueda de Madrid – El Rurrú