La Giravida – La Fanfarria Del Capitán

☆☆☆ The Band featured in the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel” Part 3 & 4 also broke records as the most-watched Netflix series or film of all time in any language, including English, in many key territories around the world.☆☆☆

Expanding the diaspora boundaries in the music Tropical Diaspora® Records in cooperation with Sudestada Sounds from Argentina  bring the next vinyl production with a world wide influenced musical compilation by the in Argentina based band La Fanfarria Del Capitán. Our relation goes back to year 2012 as the band was called Capitan Tifus. The band was featured in our Tropical Diaspora Party Vol.06 for the first time in Berlin and since then the band have played every year in the city.

2016 this connection culminates in a Tropical Diaspora® Dj Set with Dj Garrincha in their 2016 Tour at the DOKUNIGHTS in PRIZREN, KOSOVO bringing tropical winds to the Balkans. I that very backstage in Kosovo we came to the idea to setup the project to press a vinyl edition of the great new album released until now only as CD.

“La Giravida” (2016), produced by Diego Blanco (Los Pericos) and Jerónimo Cassagne. It is a two year project with more than 40 guest musicians from Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and Argentina; That counts on the stellar participation of the Orkestar Kocani, where we travel specially to record to its studies in Macedonia. It is composed of 12 tracks that cover the variety of styles ranging from the most festive balkan to traditional cumbias and deep ballads.

The band La Fanfarria del Capitán was born 2004 in Argentina with Victoria Cornejo, Jerónimo Cassagne and Francisco Mercado. Creators of the Latin Fanfare, genre that fuses Balkan folklore with Latin rhythms.

From 2011 we began with our international tour, reaching the route up to 7 months a year. In this time the band added to its formation musicians from different countries like Germany, Holland, Greece, Brazil, Spain, Russia, China, Japan and Kasajastán that provided versatility and color to our artistic proposal. Today the Captain’s ship is much more than a band, it’s a way of life!

The Album “La Giravida” is available now in our web store.

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La Fanfarria Del Capitán and La Giravida on vinyl