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The remastered version of acclaimed First Album of Fred Jorge E Os Maiorais.

The band Fred Jorge e os Maiorais, led by singer, DJ and vinyl record collector Fred Jorge, relaunches its first CD with Tropical Diaspora® Records in a remastered version of the acclaimed first album. With a repertoire that rescues and preserves the roots of samba soul and funk, the band studied the language of these styles and shows, through its own compositions and its history.

The idea for the CD started when vocalist Fred Jorge and bassist Mário Porto reactivated the musical partnership started with the recording in 1999 of the CD by the band Big Muff. The initial idea of going back to the roots of black Brazilian music turned into a great deal of research into the style. The danceable mixture of samba and soul music created by Tim Maia was the starting point for understanding the origin of the bridge between Brazilian music and North American music (Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, George Clinton, Sly Stone, etc.). From then on, the search for instruments that were used at the time began and that would give the album a sound close to the old productions. The battery used was a Ludwig 1975, donated by drummer and collector of rare batteries Laercio Junior. Fender and Gibson guitars and vintage amplifiers came from guitarist biLê and friends Ricky Furlani and Pedro Piazzi. The big and purposeful difference from the old productions is that all this equipment was captured digitally. All available technology was used sparingly to give the album a unique sound. The search for a new concept and musical language for the style came from this alchemy between the ancient and the modern.

The Band Fred Jorge E Os Maiorais.

Fred Jorge E Os Maiorais are authentic representatives of the new Brazilian black music. Soul music, classic funk, samba, afrobeat and hip hop are the ingredients of the mix that results in a unique, dancing and swinging sound in the best style of Brazilian samba soul created by masters like Tim Maia, Cassiano, Jorge Ben Jor, Gerson King Combo and Black Rio Band. This mix of styles could be heard on the new remastered record, released independently first and now with Tropical Diaspora® Records in Berlin, Germany. For 2 decades now, the group has already shared the stage with important names in Brazilian music, such as the band Funk Como Le Gusta and master Jorge Ben Jor.

Track List

2 SÓ AGORA (4:53)
3 VOU SAIR (3:25)
4 ZIQUIZIRA (4:00)
7 O DIA DA VIRADA (3:49)
8 O CASO É… (3:33)
9 EU TENHO REI (4:08)