What is the Tropical Diaspora® Party?

We had a long history in Berlin that goes back to the time Berlin was everything people world wide think Berlin is today! Sad but Berlin isn’t that city any more, so more than ever we try to keep the Berliner spirit from that great time where Berlin was the culture laboratory in Europe and the world.

So back to the question what we are, also the Tropical Diaspora® is under many things the spirit keeper of this city. Next Sunday after the Street parade we will be there to show you how Berlin really was before gentrification, trash tourism and yuppies from all over the world searching for that Berlin that is already gone! Come to us and get the original Berliner taste direct from the 90ties with La Mula Santa, Musicalle Cholo Orquestra, Djs Dr.Sócrates, Garrincha and special guest Don Rispetto.

Presented by Dj GArRinchA, the Tropical Diaspora party Vol.49 starring two live bands on the stage La Mula Santa, Musicalle Cholo Orquestra, two floors with Djs Garrincha, Dr.Sócrates spinning vinyl cuts and Don Rispetto in the second floor with the global tropical dance sound. The party is slated to start on May 20 2018 after the Karneval der Kulturen street parade, Doors open at 22:00 hs.

Attention: As in the past our official flyer is valid as discount at the entrance. All guests with a official flyer (no print, no scan or copy) get a 2,- euros discount at the box office. Every body coming with a jungle outfit will get this discount too!

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