Criolo – Nó Na Orelha

Mari mari, kom pu che, Mari mari tropicalistas, normally when we talk about afro-Latin immigration or afro-Latin diaspora we can be sure that one of the best word to translate that concept would be diversity. Because of diversity i come to you with our Vinyl of the Week Vol.1Criolo-Live-in-SP9 today. In the links below you will be able to hear this music and to proof what i am talking about. With the first song in this record we are confronted with a Afrobeat song where Bogotá the matter is, an amazing song to open these marvelous LP. I am talking about Criolo´s Best Album at the Brazilian Music Video Awards “Nó Na Orelha” something like “Knot In Ear” and this is about musical diversity, in all the records in my collection i don´t remember to have such richness in music styles concentrate all in one place. From Afrobeat to Soul over Dub and reggae without to forget from where Criolo really come´s also a great Hip Hop songs and finally as we would thing everything was in the record Criolo come and sing a Samba song as if he had made only samba in his whole live. Criolo come from my home city Sao Paulo from another periphery district not far away from that one where i grow up. Berlin is something like his second home and he is here every year more then one time, we could say he is a Berliner too! The songs doesn´t matter with style they are made hip hop is always present and the lyrics alway strong and related with the crazy reality in that country called Brazil with all shadows and light sides we Brazilians and almost all South-Americans known very well. Enjoy! Dj Garrincha

Here you can hear the full record in question:


“Born to migrants from the North East of Brazil in the commercial hub of São Paulo, Criolo was born in the ‘Favela das Imbuias’, one of the many shanty towns that girdle the city. Since the age of 11, Criolo concentrated on his love for rap, releasing his debut album ‘‘Ainda Há Tempo’’ in 2006. This led to a reputation as one of the most important rappers in São Paulo. His second album, “Nó na Orelha”, issued in Brazil in 2011 and internationally in 2012, saw his popularity grow beyond São Paulo and Brazil to other countries, leading to live shows in London, New York and Paris. In 2011 “Nó na Orelha” won Best Album at the Brazilian Music Video Awards.” Source: wiki