Dear Tropical Diaspora friends, I was in Mexico City few days ago and I had the opportunity of digging some LPs at Retroactivo Records, a shop worth to visit! I wasn’t looking for something in particular, so I just spend some time (actually some 3 hours) listening music. I came across an album of a Mexican band which I didn’t know anything about. They call themselves Tropicalísimo Apache. Of course, the name sounds perfect for the Tropical Diaspora’s mood!


They are from the city of Torreón, in the State of Coahuila, northern Mexico. A very successful band in the 80s and 90s, Tropicalísimo Apache plays a blend of Mexican popular music and cumbia; in fact, this is a very Mexican cumbia without prejudices. Their sound is very danceable, no artificial sophistications. A truly popular groove made to dance in popular parties until sunrise.

Looking forward to mixing some tracks with Garrincha’s best forró!!!

Tropicalísimo Apache – Me gustas