30. Juli 2017 · 23:10


A touch of South America blew over the wooden floor of the yacht club on the Frankfurt Mainufer. The music collective LA FANFARRIA DEL CAPITAN from Argentina had announced to the audience the explosive mixture of Balkan Beat, Cumbia, Rock, Tango and Ska. Headed by Frontwoman Victoria Cornejo (on the right) on the accordion, the six-headed combo entered yesterday evening the approximately half-filled interior of the ship to celebrate a sultry hot Latino party.
But unlike in their home country, where the tree burns probably from the first bar of the troop, the German club goers had to take their noble restraint, to overcome the movement’s laxity, to form a unity from the musicians and the audience. This will not have been new to LA FANFARRIA DEL CAPITAN (to the English: “The Band of the captain”). The band is already completing their seventh tour of Europe, which, in addition with numerous stations in Germany, also leads to the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and the Netherlands. And on both her previous concert tours and on the 28 stops of the current “La Giravida” (the name of the current album) titled Tour, they have made some tricks of how to get a crowd that´s not necessarily known for his hot blood and so to win them.
For instance, singer Victoria was more likely to be found within the audience than in front of her and specifically picked up people from the crowd to swing with them, which of course they could not reject. La Fanfarria del Capitan, too, was occasionally in the middle of the crowd, they and their fellow musicians sang, fired, and fired at the stage, but this time separated by a light chain on the ground not on the stage. All this loosened up the atmosphere, so that gradually more and more male species (the females have come to dance with this kind of music, usually a less problem). And so, supported by the great, varied game of the South Americans, from the evening but still a glowing Fiesta Latina, felt air humidity around 80% inclusive.
As one of many other  LA FANFARRIA DEL CAPITAN highlights, the one-armed trumpeter emerged during the show, placing his instrument on the right arm stump and using it with his left hand. He liked to hop around together with his Bass and Tuba colleague. The latter, in turn, improvised with the guitarist in the middle of a song, a brow on his forehead, a ring fight, while the violinist (partly also on the bass) gave his ways on his knees. In short, whether you wanted to move (or could) move to the various rhythms of the troupe, you always had something to look at. awesome!
The combo from Buenos Aires exists since 2005 (other sources call 2004 as the start date, presumably referring to the predecessor CAPITAN TIFUS, from which LA FANFARRIA DEL CAPITAN came from). The Band has released four recordings, starting with “Flores del Bosque de Bolonia” in 2007, “E Viva!” (2012) and “Te Quiero Capitan!” From 2014 to the above-mentioned album “La Giravida. “In addition, the group is probably what one would call a” multi-talented “: In 2011, it came up – and here are counted only the international shows – 40 performances, which a year thereafter with 87 (within seven months) already was doubled. 2013 there were still 60 gigs, and counting.
But one thing was the first time during all these musical tours around the world in 2017: Towards the end of the show (after a beautiful cover version of the Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao”), Front woman Victoria still grinned that this year’s tour started on a boat , because the second La Fanfarria del Capitan took place in “Frau Hedi’s Tanzkaffee aufm Wasser” in Hamburg-St. Pauli instead (before there was still a gig in Bremerhaven) and now in Frankfurt again it ends on a ship. The thought seemed to please her, which is hardly surprising, since her home town is also a harbor town. And I’m pretty sure LA FANFARRIA DEL CAPITAN should once again honor the Main river capital (Frankfurt am Main), then the yacht club is destined to be their favorite destination.


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