Released in May 2020, the album “Universo do Canto Falado” is the first official album by the musician RAPadura. Nominated for the Latin Grammy 2020 in the category of Best Rock Record or Alternative Music in Portuguese Language, the project features twelve original songs, and musical production by Carlos Cachaça. With rhythms ranging from regional, psychedelic rock and pop to the artist’s roots in rap, with the well-known speed flows, beats and well-prepared samples, the artist explores his voice in an unusual way. The work seeks a parallel universe between the urban and the northeastern imagination.

“Universo do Canto Falado” is the song that opens and gives the album its name. The lyrics approach this universe that exists between the concrete and the abstract and brings the artist’s roots between rhymes, rap and the unexpected. Then, the track “Saga Cega” presents a mix of rap with world and regional music, to tell a difficult trajectory of the artist’s life with the overcoming and victory of the Northeast. With Paraense guitar and Latin music, “País Sem Norte” is RAPadura affirming and being proud of where it came from and who it is.

The partnership with BaianaSystem in “Olho de Boi” brings together rap, ragga, reggae and an iconic speed of RAPadura, a psychedelic and mystical Northeast. The amulet reflects fears, demons and how they are driven away with inner strength and light. The fifth track “Aboio” reflects on belonging to all corners and nowhere. Immigration is in the act of putting a backpack on your back and just going. “Paga Pra Ver”, which marks half of the album, is a message about social inequality and imbalance in a rap enriched by rock and maracatu.